About Myself

I'm a Senior Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate at IIT Bombay, pursuing a Minor in Computer Science & Engineering. I love to explore different domains of computer science & have a keen interest in Deep Learning & Blockchain Technologies.

I Paint 🎨. I Sing 🎀. And love listening to some soothing Hindi Music during leisure (& even while studying πŸ˜„). I like to learn new stuff & am always up for challenges! I love interacting with people and understand a situation through various perspectives.

Being an enthusiatic programmer πŸ’», I am always ready to discuss interesting projects. I also love participating in hackathons and have won several prizes (full list here).


Here are some of the things that I think I am good at πŸ˜‹

Python 90%

C++ 80%

Solidity 80%

HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript 75%


  • Aug 2017 to present

    IIT Bombay

    B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) | Minor in CSE
    CPI: 9.87 | Department Rank: 1

  • Apr 2015 to Mar 2017

    Jaipuriar School

    Intermediate/+2 | 96.2%

  • Apr 2005 to Mar 2015

    St. Mary's ICSE School

    Matriculation | 99.2% | All India Rank: 1


β€œTezan worked with me as part of Google Summer of Code. One thing that was clear from the beginning when he submitted his proposal was his attention to details. Out of the many proposals we received this year he was one of the top candidates and was selected to work with us.

The first month he designed an API with feedback from us, and also learned how build and work with the PEcAn system (a complex system that consists of many micro services that interact with each other). During this time he also learned how to work with the R programming language.

The second and third months he spend time on implementing all the features from his proposal, including a library that will interact with the PEcAn system. Many of the users of the PEcAn system have already shown interest in being able to use both the API and the library to do their research in the future.

I highly recommend Tezan for his ability to understand the problem, create a solution and implement the solution. His implementation skills and communications skills are excellent and he is a great person to be working with.”

- Rob Kooper
[PEcAn Project]
β€œTezan has been a phenomenal asset to the team. His ability to analyze a problem, present solutions, and execute tasks in a time pressured environment has been outstanding. His ability to take direction and analyze a solution that incorporates the bigger picture is that of someone with 10+ years of experience in the field. By far, Tezan's best technical asset is his ability to quickly grasp new concepts and understand the relevant portions of new techniques for the task at hand. He has worked with us and has accomplished all of his projects before their deadlines and I would highly recommend him as an asset to any team.”
- Sam Lester
β€œTezan has been good to work with. He is result-oriented, responsible and technically sound intern and learns from his mistakes. He works hard, and I would recommend him to institutions and other companies for his quick adaptability & analytical skills.”
- Abhinav Ramesh
[WandX Solutions]


I love participating in Hackathons (both online and offline) and have teamed up with my friends to win several prizes.
Here is a list of hackathons that I have won πŸŽ‰:

I_Hack 2020 Blockchain Track
E-Summit, IIT Bombay
eeZeeTeeZee (with Akash Kumar)
1st Position
Microsoft CodeFunDo++
Online/IIT Bombay
MakETH (with Akash Kumar & Varun Patil)
ETHIndia 2.0
eeZeeTeeZee (with Akash Kumar & Smit Rajput)
Honorary Mention
InOut 6.0 [Matic API Track]
eeZeeTeeZee (with Akash Kumar & Sarang Parikh)
1st Place
Beyond Blockchain Hackathon
[Aleth.io Explorer Freestyle Track]
With Smit Rajput & Akash Kumar
2nd Place
Beyond Blockchain Hackathon
[Aleth.io API Freestyle Track]
With Smit Rajput
Top Hack
ETHIndia [Lendroid API Track]
MakETH (with Akash Kumar & Deep Karman)

Contact Me

If you need to contact me electronically or offer me a job, drop me an email at tezansahu [at] iitb.ac.in